Bleaching of the Knots
Bleaching of the Knots
Bleaching of the Knots

Instructions on how to bleach the knots for Full Lace Wigs, Closures, and Frontals:


1.) Mix a professional-grade powder bleach with equal amounts of 20 percent, 30 percent or 40 percent developer. Use a nonmetallic (plastic or glass) bowl. Twenty percent developer will lighten the hair one to two shades lighter, 30 percent will raise it two to three shades lighter, and 40 percent developer will raise it three to four shades lighter. The higher percentage developer, the more damage it does to the hairs in the wig and the sooner it will begin shedding. Balancing between lightening and structural integrity is a personal choice that each wig owner must make. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for mixing directions.

2.) Rinse the bleach out with cold water when it turns from orange to light yellow (usually in 10 to 15 minutes) or gives the indication listed on the bleach's instructions. Do not exceed the timing in an attempt to further lighten the hairs. This will strip the wig hairs and reduce their structural integrity.

3.) Wash the wig with shampoo, then rinse.

4.) Air dry the wig.


**If unsure please seek professional assistance**



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