• How to Preserve Your Extensions

    How to Preserve Your Extensions

    Good quality extensions are expensive and hard to find! When you purchase them, you should be doing all you can to protect your investment. Here are some great tips on how to preserve your extensions (installed or not yet installed). Condition Constantly Using a good quality, moisturizing conditioner is the key to soft, shiny extensions. Co-washing the extensions weekly is a great way to...
  • How long is too long to keep in a weave (protective style)?

    How long is too long to keep in a weave (protective style)?

    There is much speculation on how long a weave can be kept in. As always you should consult your stylist, or experienced beautician. Protective styling can be beneficial to the hair, help retain length and allow the hair to grow out to be long, thick and beautiful. No matter if you are relaxed, natural or transitioning from relaxed to natural, the hair can be...
  • Taking Care of your Natural Hair

    Taking Care of your Natural Hair

    It is very important for women to understand that their natural hair needs care and nourishment while in any protective style. Many people think that you can just braid your hair up and leave it be while it is underneath weaves, wigs and faux styles. This is completely WRONG and can damage your hair more than you know. This post will explain how to take...
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