How long is too long to keep in a weave (protective style)?
How long is too long to keep in a weave (protective style)?
How long is too long to keep in a weave (protective style)?

There is much speculation on how long a weave can be kept in. As always you should consult your stylist, or experienced beautician.

Protective styling can be beneficial to the hair, help retain length and allow the hair to grow out to be long, thick and beautiful. No matter if you are relaxed, natural or transitioning from relaxed to natural, the hair can be damaged and break off if the natural hair underneath the weave is not taken care of.

Here are some steps to follow when deciding how long to keep in a weave.

When the weave was installed, was it too tight?

Hair weaves and wigs that are sewn on too tight can cause a lot of tension around the hairline and cause extensive damage. Most times if a style was installed and it was too tight, generally it will loosen up over time. While you are having your weave installed, make sure you communicate to your stylist if they are pulling or grabbing to hard and/or if the hair is being installed to tightly.

What us your hair texture/type?

Thinner, straighter strands tend to be a lot more fragile than kinkier, coarser strands. If you hair is very fine, and fragile, It is suggested that you only keep in a weave for a minimal amount of time. Coarser, thicker hair types can withstand weaves a lot longer, due to the density and coarseness of the hair texture.

Are you wearing a hair net underneath the weave to protect the natural hair?

Hair nets can be beneficial for those who look to obtain longevity from their styles. If you are looking to keep your weave in for 3-6 months, a hair net Is suggested to keep the braids from loosening and to keep the hair from shifting. It also helps when the braids underneath are washed (by an experienced stylist) to keep them in place.

General time frames to keep in a sew in weave or u part wig weave

3-6 months (give or take a month)

This depends on the customer discretion and what she has discussed with her beautician.


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